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post 09-Мар-20 00:03

updated to v1.1.2564_rev937_(36606)


post 09-Мар-20 13:34 (спустя 13 часов)

Royalty - неплохая тема, но не мастхев


post 09-Мар-20 18:16 (спустя 4 часа)


Update 1.1.2567 released
RimWorld - Tynan
Just a small balancing update this weekend.

Balancing will continue as we collect more feedback from across the Internet.

- Increase tribute collector rewards to 4 favor per prisoner and 1 favor per 50 gold.
- Inferno turret now has longer cooldown and lower accuracy.
- Charge blaster turret now has lower rate of fire, smaller burst size, and worse long-range accuracy. Renamed to charge turret.
- Mech turrets health changed from 280 to 250.
- Random mech clusters no longer come as as raid strategy but as their own incident.
- Increase faction relations rewards for quests.
- Fix incorrect black line on the Royalty main menu background.
- Adjusted donkey and caribou body size (donkey is no longer bigger than a yak).
- Added some loading tips.

7 мар
Update 1.1.2566 released
RimWorld - Tynan
This update brings bugfixes and other adjustments.

If you're willing to help test the unstable branch, please join this Discord server: https://discord.gg/FYBsdNX

Change log:

- Shorten the royal endgame quest defense duration 15 days->12 days. This does not affect quests that were already generated.
- Significantly reduced the frequency of random mech clusters (unconnected to quests).
- Mech large turrets now have minimum ranges. Mech mortars initial warmup increased 60->120 seconds. Mech mortars cooldown increased 44->80 seconds.
- Reclassified mech mortar as problem causer instead of combat threat, so clusters will now only spawn one of these. Charge blaster turret burst shots reduced 24->16. Mech heavy turrets health 380->280.
- Hosting quest worst case raids timing is no longer as severe.
- Giving a speech from the throne now trains social skill.
- Fix: Banished pawns still send letters about forgetting decrees.
- Fix: Bad image for info card on some walls.
- Fixed Scenario editor breaking when ThingCount scenPart is null due to def not present
- Janissaries, Troopers and Cataphracts no longer can come with the "Brawler" trait.
- Fix: It's possible to defeat condition causers simply by entering the map and leaving. We no longer remove the WorldObject if there's any not destroyed condition causer.
- It's now possible to move the camera with a float menu open.
- Fix: Middle-mouse camera dragging stops if the mouse goes over a UI menu while dragging
- Fix: Royal guests arrive with tattered clothes
- Fix: Pawns are deep-saved twice if the player saves the game while drop pods with quest pawns are mid air.
- Fix: Wrong title being reported in violation letter for illegal psycasts.
- Fixes to implants base defs

6 мар
Update 1.1.2565 released
RimWorld - Tynan
This update brings bugfixes and other adjustments.

If you're willing to help test the unstable branch in future, please join this Discord server: https://discord.gg/FYBsdNX

Change log:

- Fix: Endless cycle of the prisoner getting out of bed, and the doctor putting the prisoner in the bed
- Fix: Tortured artist gets inspiration after being hit by berserk psycast.
- Most traders now buy musical instruments.
- A mitigation for: Pawn allocated several times to Bed or Throne. Until the root cause is known.
- Fix: Cloth sandbags not displaying as 1.0 color.
- Fix: A count was used as a caravan guard for the empire
- Show detection chance for illegal psycasts attached to the mouse.
- All weapons are now biocodable. All lodgers now arrive with their weapons biocoded. Lodgers can now drop non biocoded weapons via UI (e.g. if the player made him equip it).
- Fix: some mech cluster building can be deconstructed but won't drop anything. Fix mech capsule not being deconstructible.
- Use SketchThing.OccupiedRect in AnyThingOutOfBounds function.
- Fixed: IEDs spawn shells when destroyed.
- Traders can no longer sell slaves with royal titles.
- PawnGenerationRequest properties are now public.
- Change CellHasCrops check to early out if no plants found.
- Add an out of bounds check to CanSpawnClusterAt.
- Pawn lend quest no longer sends shuttles onto maps that don't have enough pawns available.
- Removed pawn beauty stat min/max clamping.
- Changes to shuttle landing spot finder based on feedback.
- Reworked field hand and drill arm so their stats don't fight each other. Instead of reducing manipulation, they now affect movement speed.
- Waterproof conduit cost reduced 40 steel -> 10 steel.

Fire Blizzard

post 09-Мар-20 19:51 (спустя 1 час 35 минут)

что за они?


post 09-Мар-20 21:24 (спустя 1 час 32 минуты)

Fire Blizzard
Oxygen Not Included


post 10-Мар-20 00:54 (спустя 3 часа)

Русского до сих пор нормального без иероглифов нету?


post 12-Мар-20 21:27 (спустя 2 дня 20 часов)


Update 1.1.2571
RimWorld - Tynan
Balance updates and bugfixes today!

If you're willing to help test the unstable build in future, please join us here: https://discord.gg/EV2PNt7

Feedback is welcome all around. The most direct place to offer it is the Discord channel above, but I'm watching forums, Reddit, and everywhere else I can collect feedback. Thanks in advance to those who contribute thoughts, and to all those who have offered feedback so far.


- Baron can now do Animals work.
- Count can now do commoner work. Count is now only unable to do same as Baron, plus Animals.
- Balanced down ultratech and bladelink melee weapons a bit. Reduced illegal bladelink usage detection chance 5% to 3%.
- Psychic entropy base recovery rate reduced from 5 to 4.
- Improve psychic entropy recovery rate on pawns without psychic amplifiers from 4 to 8.
- Psycasts rebalance:
---- Painblock duration 30 to 120.
---- Burden duration 30 to 20.
---- Blinding pulse radius 5 to 4, range 25 to 20.
---- Entropy link duration 60 to 120.
---- Beckon range 25 to 20, duration 10 to 8.
---- Vertigo pulse range 25 to 20, cost 25 to 30.
---- Wallraise range 25 to 20, cost 25 to 35.
---- Smokepop range 25 to 20, cost 35 to 30.
---- Berserk cost 35 to 40, range 25 to 15, duration 30 to 15.
---- Berserk pulse cost 60 to 65, range 25 to 15, duration 60 to 15.
---- Invisibility cost 30 to 45, range 10 to 15.
---- Manhunter pulse radius 30 to 28, cost 40 to 50.
- Psychic harmonizer impact reduced 20%.
- Psychic hangover now affects manipulation and its mood impact is increased from 8 to 12.
- Psychic melee weapons are now biocodable.
- Unstable power cell, mortar, and bullet shields now have market value since they can be claimed and used by the player.
- Mech cluster spawning now handles collisions better (and doesn't wipe other buildings if it doesn't have to).
- Condition causers terrain affordance needed: Light -> Heavy
- Play sounds when psychic entropy limiter is toggled on or off.
- Fix: Steam builds sometimes have no steam_appid.txt because STEAM is not defined in BuildMaker
- Fix: Food batch boundary issue when interacting with animal using food that might have already been reserved. Also fixed uneeded default value for QuestNode_Letter.
- Fix: Error producing cast in QuestPart_letter.
- Fix: Potential attempt at destroying equipment when no equipment is held.
- Fix: Helpers leave after fixed 10 days during raid quests even if there are multiple raids.
- Fix: Circadian half-cycler breaks parties.
- Fix: Temporary faction members who are downed, put in bed, then quest is complete aren't tendable.
- Added dead pawn filter for look targets to letter quest node to fix spurious message.

11 мар
Update 1.1.2570 released
RimWorld - Tynan
This is a continuation of yesterday's unstable testing with some updates.

If you're willing to help test the unstable build for compatibility in future, please join us here: https://discord.gg/4YMfu6


- Player-created content update.
- Fix: Nuclear Stomach not having zero food poisoning chance
- Fix: Escaping prisoners being able to equip bladelinked/biocoded weapons.
- Refactored mech cluster position finder to be more robust and flexible.
- Fix: Room requirements debuff for royals in caravan. Only apply debuffs on player home maps.
- Fix: Some mechanoids showing up as "dormant" after awakening.
- Fix: No mech wake-up sound on LordJob_SleepThenAssaultColony.
- Fix: Link plasmasword and zeushammer having no detection chance.
- HaulAIUtility now checks whether the worktable is spawned when deciding if hauling unfinished thing is allowed.

10 мар
Update 1.1.2569 on unstable branch
RimWorld - Tynan
This update is available on Steam's unstable branch fo testing.

We're testing to ensure full save and mod compatibility. If you're willing to help test the unstable build for compatibility, please join us here: https://discord.gg/FYBsdNX

Change list:

- Increased mini-turret range 25->29.
- We no longer generate big mech clusters if there's no space for them to spawn anyway (we keep the points, they're just more compact).
- We no longer generate quests to build monuments bigger than possible (e.g. due to bad terrain).
- Quests are now consistently sorted by date in the quests tab.
- Low-tech weapons are no longer biocodable.
- Psychic animal pulser no longer affects player faction animals.
- Adjust tuning of chemical desire traits.
- Add tip about changing storyteller and difficulty through the options menu.
- Columns and urns are now marked as inert for AI purposes.
- Pawns can no longer haul away unfinished things that have a bound bill, are located on the worktable or touch the worktable.
- Expand title rewards letter to include the delivery information (to colony/directly to inventory).
- Fix: Apparel wearout damage applies to world pawns, so they eventually become naked.
- Fix: Ground-penetrating scanner text flickering.
- Fix: Turrets in smoke can target enemies adjacent to them.
- Fix: Mods cannot override patches (reported by NotFood).
- Fix: LordToil_HuntEnemies looking for random spot outside colony ownedpawns are not spawned.
- Fix: Mechanoid ship part disappeared with error message.
- Fix: Incorrect tip.
- Fix: Modded floors with 0 market value break monument generation
- Fix: Aesthetic nose lacking addedPartProps
- Fix: Bad grammar in title rewards letter.

EDIT: Updated.

- Fix: Pawns will move primary equipment to inventory if pawn becomes incapable of manipulation.
- Remove spurious error "Added def X without an associated modContentPack". Patched defs don't need to have modContentPack.
- Fixed sorting of quest tabs.
- Reworked FindDropPodLocation validator in IncidentWorker_CrashedShipPart.
- Fix: Mech cluster quests fail to mention some condition causers in their threat list.

post 23-Мар-20 20:00 (спустя 10 дней)

Топик был перенесен из форума Горячие Новинки в форум Симуляторы



post 03-Июн-21 19:57 (спустя 1 год 2 месяца)

Version 1.2.3009

post 20-Июл-21 21:47 (спустя 1 месяц 17 дней)

Топик был перенесен из форума Симуляторы в форум Горячие Новинки



post 20-Июл-21 23:12 (спустя 1 месяц 17 дней)



добавлено спустя 8 минут:

RimWorld - Ideology русского пока нет.

добавлено спустя 1 час 13 минут:

Обновлено rev1158 rc4 (48665)


post 22-Июл-21 20:21 (спустя 1 день 21 час)

1.3.3067 rev1420 (48699) - 22.07.2021


post 22-Июл-21 23:11 (спустя 2 часа 50 минут)

торрент умер

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